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There are many reaso​ns for starting and continuing a yoga and/or meditation practice; and whatever they may be, we hope to guide and aid during this journey. We are honoured to share and help in the exploration and experiences of the well-being path through yoga and meditation.

About Our Studio

Our centre is a small, calming and grounding space for 12-16 yoga students per class. By offering small sized classes, each student receives individual attention and careful guidance. The teacher provides modifications to suit the individual's needs. All levels and needs are addressed with personal care.

It is our overall aim to help people learn how to relax, live a healthy, joyful life, become at peace and well in their own being and their environment.



Check each class schedule and the specific teacher for space availability


Class rates varies per each teacher. Please check with the teacher for the specific class you would like to attend. 

Class rates are discounted for pre-paid semesters which vary from 6-8 sessions per semester.


Check start times. Doors open 15-20 minutes prior to start of classes.

Meet our Yoga Teachers

We are dedicated teachers who have chosen a way of life with the intent of sharing, educating, guiding, exploring and experiencing the journey towards wellness and well-being with each of you.

Owner/Yoga Teacher 

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher